Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tightropes and Canyons

Faith is like walking on a tightrope. A constant balancing act on a very thin wire across the deepest canyon. It starts the moment that we say yes to God and continues til we die. Often we are not aware of what we are doing…just walking along oblivious. Then we get a gust of wind…we find ourselves shaking a little bit. We are slightly alarmed, maybe we become aware that we are on a wire but because it is only wind…we can regain our balance quickly. Then there are times where we are caught in a storm. We are surprised and we loose our balance, maybe completely and we fall…grasping with only one hand, slipping.
How we get back up: by calling on God, choosing faith. How long it takes us to get back up…is up to us. We get to decide how long we will struggle til we ask out for help. Unfortunately many people give up before they ask.

I have been aware that I was on a tightrope for a while. Since the 3rd day after Joshua passed away… when reality set in. I was suddenly aware I was on a very wobbly wire. Honestly, I know the only reason I did not fall was because of God’s immeasurable grace for me; because I did not have the strength to hold on myself. He held me. Then slowly I stood back up. I have had a few wind gusts since then but mostly I have been too busy looking around and forward to notice how deep the canyon is now.

(Now don’t assume that everyone has the same tightrope to walk. Yours and mine are different, just like our walks in life are different. It does not make one persons worse/better then another. It just is. God is the only one who knows why some are given more/less/better/worse. Besides even if he told us why… we would try to talk him out of it or disagree. )

** If you are having a hard time picturing a tightrope over a canyon try picturing this: A 5 or 6 year old child is walking in a parking lot. She/he sees the long barriers (usually painted yellow) that line the front of parking spots. Interested in the challenge he/she steps up. The goal of course is to make it across without falling off. Wobbly at first, and probably falling off a few times. Typically the child can make it across after a few practices. Now imagine that next to the child is their mother/father. They take a step and then start to wobble. The parent gently steadies them giving them the ability to take another step. And another. And another. Until they make it, triumphantly, to the end! On to the next rope...I mean, barrier.

Turning back is always an option I suppose. I could, you could. But would it be worth it? Can I really throw away all that I have done and seen. Why not except a steady hand to give me the ability to take one more step forward?