Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texas: A New Home

Here we we stay. 
Each day brings new, in every way. 
New people, things & places too.
A dry flat land with dusty hue
Welcoming as these people are
We can not help but feel quite far
From those we love & those we miss
But a each new adventure requires this.

Descriptions of our new home.

    Tyler, Texas is really quite beautiful. Reminds me much of Eugene. Just replace the hippies with cowboys and the start up business people with "old money" dignitaries. I exaggerate a bit (surprise). This place is filled with similar kinds of people as anywhere else I suppose. The landscape is much more dusty but still we are surrounded by nature & greenery. This is not a big dust bowl. Excepting the furious winds the weather is lovely; two sunny days for every overcast day. Because we are not surrounded by huge mountains the poor weather passes quickly through. A stormy morning drizzle has usually been replaced by sunshine by the afternoon. The 65-70 degree days are warm on my skin when  sheltered from the wind.  Right now the wind is coming from the north where wild blizzards are chilling the state(s) above us.

   The people are kind, mostly. If you meet someone in the store, gas station (pump it yourself here) or Starbucks they smile at you & most older folks say "howdy". That all changes of course when you are in the car. I have seen 2 different scenarios involving people engaged in road rage hop out of their cars to cuss out the vehicle behind them. There is no such thing as "right of way" to anyone here. Matthew & I were backing out of a parking spot when a car swooped in beside us. Matt stopped cause of the danger then resumed only to have me yell "stop" because the lady who got out of the car had decided she was invincible and was proving her point by walking behind our moving vehicle. Rescue vehicles (i.e. ambulances/fire trucks) are left to fend for themselves as the weave through traffic & blare their sirens; cars & trucks drive along like usual.

That is a little glimpse of this new place that we live.