Thursday, October 17, 2013

An Epic Book

I have been avoiding this place. I think about writing many times each day but can never will my fingers to the page. I fear many things these days. It seems the power of the fear penetrates past my faith & trust that it will be alright. Sigh. And then the guilt of the fear again disables any motivation I have remaining. Fear is a vicious cycle. It convinces you, you are not good enough, you believe it then reminds you that you are pathetic because you believed it. The topics on my heart...the ones I should be writing about, hurt. I don't want to feel the feelings that it takes to convey my hearts sad song. Instead I avoid the thoughts, avoid writing, avoid reading, avoid music. But the beautiful thing about fear is that it can be penetrated from the outside; sometimes from the most unlikely places.

Secrets Kept: The Hidden Dagger by J.L. Mbewe

This book amazed me. I have been avoiding reading, (I get too emotionally connected to the characters & did not want to run across any similar situations that may open up my current wounds.) Yet, I know the author of this book & in an attempt to support her 10 year journey of writing this trilogy I decided to read it. Oh My GOODNESS! and I thought I was the one doing a favor. UM WRONG! This book blew my mind. It is set in a world so very foreign to any I have read or imagined yet its similarities filled my subconscious. Many times as I was reading I thought...why does this feel so real. Brilliant writing! But the plot & storyline goes way beyond the setting; the characters struggles, successes and internal thoughts are laid bare on the page and leave the reader not only quickly turning each page (as the try to connect the dots) but also feeling connections to characters that go beyond the average. I have read many many many books (yes, I am "that" kind of nerd.) but I have never been so delightfully confused by the adventure, suspense, fantasy and romance (my favorite) that this book offers. But somehow in its fantasy it conveys the reality of our hearts. The characters are dealing with real, living, terrifying emotions & J.L. Mbewe does the most amazing job honestly describing each.

Can I just add....WOW!

Read this book! I read it in 2 days! I may have also burnt dinner because I got distracted reading. But it was epically worth it! I will be impatiently waiting for the 2nd & 3rd books to be released but in the meantime I will be reading the 3 prequels & re-reading Secrets Kept: The Hidden Dagger  by J.L. Mbewe!

You should too!

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